2388 Cole Street Suite #101, Birmingham, MI 48009
Goldfish Closed Monday February 1, 2016

On Monday, February 1st we will be closed to make sure our floors are in great shape! As there are 5 Monday’s in February, we will not be prorating lessons for the month. We WILL however work with all members affected to schedule make up lessons, and as a show of our appreciation, we’ll also be giving out FREE Family Swim passes. Thank you for being understanding, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Please reach out at (248) 644-1914 if you have any questions.

Discover what makes Goldfish Swim School the best choice!

One look inside Goldfish Swim School of Birmingham and you’ll see the care we’ve taken to make our bright, clean facility and brand-new pool the best, most comfortable place for your children to learn to swim.

December - January Closures
FEB 21 Sun

Member Evaluation Week

09:00am- 03:30pm

It’s Member Evaluation Week at Goldfish Birmingham! Your feedback is essential to our growth as a company and it helps us continue to maintain our GOLDEN experience. Stop by the front desk and fill out an evaluation form to receive your FREE coffee!

1 lesson per week $82.00/mo. $109.00/mo. $127.00/mo. $189.00/mo.
2 lessons per week $158.30/mo. $210.40/mo. $254.00/mo. $378.00/mo.
Casual "drop-in" lessons $20.50/lesson $27.25/lesson $31.75/lesson $47.25/lesson
  • Goldfish Swim Team Pricing: $98/month
  • Jump Start Clinics: $102.50/week (5 lessons)
  • Family Swim Pricing: $5/swimmer or $15/family
  • Party Pricing: $450
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Swim lessons ONCE per week:

This is great for swimmers who are just getting their feet wet (pun intended!) with Goldfish’s Golden Experience. Weekly lessons are key in taking the proper steps toward ensuring your child’s increased safety, comfort and awareness in and around water.

Swim lessons TWICE per week:

This option is great to advance your child’s swimming skills twice as fast! Not only will they advance quicker, but it’s a great cardiovascular exercise for your child!

Casual "Drop-In" lessons:

At Goldfish, we offer casual lessons for that family who wants to “drop in” for that extra class each week. Swimming more than once per week allows your child to improve their skills at a faster pace. Just call us and we can look for a time slot that works for you!

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